Sunday, September 30, 2012

Occupy Wall Street for Real

Just do that.

I'm going to Write it out for you, but if you find the above sentence and the image it's below actionable when so juxtaposed under the post's title, we're good. Go and do likewise, gents.

There's too much. Too much Art. Too many clever people. A functional infinity to learn and understand. I'm not that important, so in addition to trying to play with Art and to Understand things myself, I want to make all that I do comprehensible through reasonable effort. That's not always possible. Some Things can only be said as themselves. Well, all things. But, you've got more wiggle room with a blow job joke than you do with an ironic massacre: ask our two previous Presidents about their most infamously comic moments - Lewinsky v 'Mission Accomplished.'

So, back on task. Wall Street. You're right. They're a bunch of evil bastards ruling&ruining the world for their own selfish purposes. That's not new. It's not really something to get all bent out of shape about either. Fight it like you fight gravity. Then, go study Japanese martial arts and learn how fucking cool it is to understand and work with gravity. It's fun to breakfall and do shoulder rolls. It's even fun to get thrown sometimes. And, dudes throwing people can be wicked great.

Stop bitching and be grateful. Really, truly, and sincerely grateful for all the awesome opportunities we have because of the fucked-up and hideous shit these assholes have done. If you must hate and protest and scream, do it. But, don't do it as protest. Do it because Things exist in this world the correct response to which is to scream.

Create with what they've given you. They treat us as numbers and subjects. Treat them as numbers and subjects would treat researchers and rulers. I've never felt so racist as when Egyptians bumped me to the front of the line at the grocery store for being White. They were being nice. I think. Didn't change nothin. I felt awful.

Numbers don't get angry. They add up. They make sense. Do that. If I tell you how this stops being theory and becomes a plan, and then I'd be a would-be leader and not a Writer. I could write this so it was more believable in the way a to-do list is believable, but it would become less True the way a blank page is always more True than a list of any sort.

Subjects don't protest. They obey or they revolt. Citizens protest. I'm not a Citizen of Corporate America, so I can't protest corporate America. As a Citizen of America I cannot revolt against its corporations, but I can selectively choose to completely obey a ruler. Take your obedience to a physically safe extreme in public.

Demonstrate what they demand we be.

If nothing else, it is a more artistically valid use of an opportunity to protest. But, going to NYC for $50 with a truly beautiful girl and just walking around holding hands would be a more artistically valid protest against corporate hegemony than living your life as a failed revolutionary.

They've indebted you and forced you to live as an accomplice to atrocity. Now live you lives splendidly despite all those evil motherfuckers have taken from you. And in so doing spite them. Your joy in the absence of being what they demand you be proves them to be necessary in exactly the way one's mother should necessarily be in the room whilst he loses his virginity.

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